Pam Fisher

A lifelong horsewoman, Pam Fisher started showing as a teenager and became an international advanced three-day eventing competitor with many titles as well as a successful horse trainer.
Fisher and her horse Lancelet were long listed for the 1996 Summer Olympics in three-day eventing. In 2009 Fisher was again long listed for the U.S. Equestrian team on her stallion, Sea Lion.
Fisher graduated from Alfred University with a BA in Animal Behavior and was on the College Equestrian Hunter Jumper Team. After college, Fisher trained with the best in the world, including Jack Legoff (Gold Medal winning U.S.E.T. coach), Bruce Davidson (2-time World Champion Event Rider), Eicke von Veltheim (German Dressage Olympian), Belinda Narin (US Dressage Olympian), Carol Thompson and Michael Matz (Olympic Show Jumpers), Captain Mark Phillips (U.S.E.T. Eventing Coach), Charlotte Bredahl (Dressage Olympian), and Kristin Hardin (Show Jumping Grand Prix rider).
For several years Fisher assisted trainer Taylor Jackson teaching racehorses to jump for steeplechase and timber races. During this time she exercised race horses at the Fairhill Training Center in Maryland in the mornings and jumped in the afternoons. Taylor worked for Frank Whitely (Ruffian’s trainer) and also was Jack LeGoff’s first stable manager at the USET. Taylor taught Fisher a tremendous amount about good horsemanship.
Fisher owned and operated her own horse facility in Colorado for 25 years, training horses for many equestrian disciplines as well as providing rehabilitation therapy for injured horses.  In 2013, Fisher finished her Naturopathic Medicine training in order to be certified to treat all creatures large and small.
Fisher is dedicated to the natural care, training and breeding of international quality sport horses.
       Fisher was interviewed on Wisdom of the Ages podcast in 2021.
Article in the Holistic Horse august 2010 called “Laying on of hands and Heart” in the Horse Connection August 2010

Some of Pam’s titles, wins and achievements include: 


Sea Lion wins the Performance Hunter class at H.I.T.S “A” rated show and is 3rd in the Devoucoux Hunter Prix Classic


Rigby 1st at CIC2* International Event at Copper Meadows

United States Eventing Association presents the Blue Ribbon Award to Fisher and Rigby for placing 1st thru 3rd at the intermediate level.


Sea Lion was named Reserve Champion USEF/PHR advanced level Reserve Champion for the second consecutive year and Regional Advanced Champion

Sea Lion won the advanced level regional championships

Sea Lion was 4th at the CIC3* Twin Rivers

Rigby won the Open Prelim division at Copper Meadows

Rigby was second in the Open Prelim division at Inavale Horse Trials

Sea Lion won the 1M20 class and was second in the 1M15 class at the Langley rated horse show

Rigby won the 1M5 class


Rigby  2nd Training level three day  Rebecca Farm

Rigby 1st Training level Shepard Ranch

Sea Lion 1st OP Shepard Ranch

Sea Lion 3rd CIC 3* Twin Rivers Ranch

Simply Priceless 5th CIC3* Galway Downs


Sea Lion was third at Twin Rivers CIC 3*

YEH 5 year old Rigby has qualified for national championships.

SEA LION came in 7th at the CIC3* at Galway Downs

SIMPLY PRICELESS was 6th in the CIC 2* at Galway Downs

SIMPLY PRICELESS 6th  CIC 2* at Twin Rivers

SIMPLY PRICELESS 2nd advanced at Rebecca Farm

SEA LION 12th at CCI 3* Jersey Fresh

RIGBY 1st at YEH-5 Flintridge

SIMPLY PRICELESS  2nd, 3rd and 3rd at third level Mission Hills recognized dressage show


Simply Priceless was area nine advanced horse of the year for 2010.

Sea Lion was National USEF/PHR Reserve Champion Advanced Horse of the Year

He was champion zone horse at intermediate and advanced.

1st intermediate @ twin rivers with sea lion 1st intermediate @ galway downs with simply priceless.

2nd advanced @ twin rivers with simply priceless 1st YEH (young event horse) 4 year old with Rigby @ twin rivers.

3rd prelim @ ramtap.

Sea Lion in 2010 received the reserve Champion award from the United states Equestrian Federation, Performance Horse Registry at the Advanced level of Eventing.


Level three reserve champion arizona H.I.T.S.

Open intermediate 3rd place at Green wood , Texas

Open intermediate 3rd at Colorado Horse Park

Qualified for the American Eventing Championships at the Intermediate and Prelim levels.

CCI ** Rebecca Farm, 7th place.

CCI** Galway Downs, 7th place.

Area 9 Regional Intermediate level championships, 2nd place.


First and second level winners at Arizona Dressage Assoc. Spring show.

Spring Gulch Prelim horse trials placed first and second

Golden Spike Prelim horse trials placed first and third

Qualified two horses at the Prelim level for the American Eventing Championships.

Won Level three jumpers at Scottsdale Spring Hunter/Jumper show.

CCI * at Colorado horse park finished 7th and 9th

CCI * at Rebecca Farm finished 3rd and 5th

United states eventing USEA) master prelim rider seventh overall.


Qualified three horses for the American Eventing Championships (AEC).

American Eventing Championship (AEC) North American Thoroughbred Society Training Horse Champion “Sea Lion”.

AEC North American Thoroughbred Society Training Horse Reserve Champion “Out To Sea”.

Area IX MSEA Champion Master Prelim. Rider


MSEA (Mountain States Eventing association Area IX) Leading Master Rider

Qualified three horses for American Eventing Championships

MSEA (Mountain States Eventing Assoc. Western Chapter)
Champion Training Rider
Champion Preliminary Rider
Champion Senior Rider
Champion and Reserve Champion Training horse
Champion Preliminary horse
Reserve Champion Beginner Novice Horse


MSEA: Reserve Champion High point horse at two levels

Regional Training Horse Champion for the year

Northern Co. Training horse championships 1st place

Penrose Horse trials 1st place training level and high point horse of all divisions

Las Cruces horse trials 2nd place novice

Abbe Ranch 3rd place preliminary

Qualifed horses for the National Eventing Championships at the Prelim, novice and training levels.


Silver Stirrup Regional Award Champion Intermediate division

Multiple wins at HITS show in Indio, Ca. in jumper divisions

Trained horses which placed in the top ten in the first year green and Green conformation Hunter divisions at HITS, Indio, Ca.

Abbe Ranch 3rd place Intermediate/Prelim

Spring Gulch 3rd place training level

High Prairie farms: 3rd place prelim level

Windy wyoming: 2nd place prelim level and 4th place novice level

Regional USDF dressaage championships:  1st, 2nd and 3rd Training level

Quailified horses for the United States National Eventing Championships at the Intermediate, Preliminary and training levels.


MSEA-WCC Rider of the year

MSEA WCC Horses of the year at Intermediate, Training and Novice

Preliminary horse and rider won the Trojan Perpetual Trophy for the best score of all divisions (advanced through novice).

Casa De Los Caballos (Hennesey) 1st Place

Overall Best Score in 3 Divisions – Open Preliminary Trials


MSEA-WCC Rider of the year

MSEA-WCC Horse of the year (Hennesey) Preliminary

MSEA-WCC Horse of the Year (Road to Bucks) Intermediate

MSEA-WCC Horse of the Year (Cowboy) Novice

CIC ** High Prairie 4th place (Road to Bucks)

Aspen Ridge horse trials Open Preliminary 1st place (Hennesey)

Jackson Hole Horse Trial Open Preliminary 3rd place (Hennesey)

Galway Downs Jaguar Select Horse trials Open preliminary 3rd
place (Hennesey)

Goose Downs Horse Trials Open Preliminary 2nd place (Hennesey)


USEA Horse of the Year
Performance Horse Registry Horse of the year
MSCTA-WCC Champion MSEA Horse of the Year (Road to Bucks) Intermediate

MSCTA-WCC Champion Horse of the Year (Jake) Novice

MSCTA-WCC Intermediate Rider of the year

MSCTA-WCC Senior rider Champion

Trojan Horse Trails Open Intermediate 3rd place “Brave Heart”

Pegasus Event Center Open Intermediate 2nd place “Brave Heart”


Jackson Hole Advanced Horse trials 9th place-Road to Bucks

Galway Downs Preliminary horse trials 1st place- “Road to Bucks”

Galway Downs Open Intermediate Fall horse trials 5th place
“Road to Bucks”

Trojan Horse Trials open Intermediate 4th place “Road to Bucks”

Trojan Horse Trials Open Preliminary 2nd place “Brave Heart”

Galway Downs 7th place open Intermediate “Brave Heart”

The Event at Goose Downs Open Intermediate 2nd place “Brave Heart”

The Event at Goose Downs I Open Preliminary 1st place “Brave Heart”


Pam and Lancelet were long listed for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Ga.