Sport Horses Medicine Therapy

rainbow1 glowing treesAt Ruffian Stables we set up a sports medicine therapy facility for horses utilizing equipment, procedures and natural nutritional supplements successful in rehabilitating the human athlete.

We apply to the animals the same kind of non-invasive therapy equipment people use: cold lasers, infrared, galvanators magnetic-field blankets, boots, homeopathy and aroma therapy.

We also make an extensive use of nutritional supports, giving the horses a diet that includes natural supplements which promote well-being without drugs.

With the combination of the therapy equipment and the diet supplements as well as homeopathic products, and working closely with Veterinarians, we have been successfully helping horses suffering from soft tissue problems such as bowed tendons and injured suspensory ligaments. We have been successful with issues affecting bone and body, broken vertebrae, muscle problems, fractures, ulcers neck and hock injuries.

The therapeutic rehabilitation of injured horses is a scientific method, and it is very rewarding for us when we send an animal back home sound and productive.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a rehabilitation program for your horse.


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