Sport Horses Medicine Therapy – Successful Cases

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Since 1986, we have successfully helped hundreds of horses. Here are a few examples:

Crafty Belle – Owned by Jimmy Iselin in New York, Crafty Belle suffered an odd fracture of the sesamoid bone that defied conventional treatments. Veterinarians recommended that the horse would be useful only as a broodmare. Worked with twice a daily for three to four hours, Crafty Belle returned to competition to win five races in a row.

D’Accord – Owned and competed by dressage master Eicke Von Velthiem, D’Accord had been diagnosed with a severely torn suspensory on the lateral and medial side. Veterinarians suggested that the horse should be donated for research. After one year of being in our care, D’Accord went back to compete at his previous level.

Miss Orphan Annie – A 3 year old Tb filly that had stepped on a roofing nail which penetrated the coffin bone in her hoof. After three surgeries and five weeks in a Ca. hospital the owner was told during her third surgery that the bone was infected and the horse could not be saved. They wanted permission to euthanize her. When her owner called for my advice about harvesting eggs as she was the last of her line, I told her to send her to us. Annie arrived by ambulance and her condition was corrected in four days.  She is now pregnant and living in a pasture with other mares.

Miss Orphan Annie12022011-0002Annie