Sea Diamond Sea Lioness wins National West Coast FEH-4 year old

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Sea Lion’s career at stud only began after success at international levels of eventing. Owner Pam Fisher says, “I always told him that if he took me to the Rolex 4*, he could start breeding. In 2012 he did that, and he bred his first mare that summer.”   Some of the offspring are shown below.  Not all owners send photos.  He has been bred to mares in Germany, Australia, Canada and USA thus far.

Warmblood Stallions of North America published an article in 2018 about how Sea Lion is creating a legacy through his offspring. It’s entitled, “Offspring of US Thoroughbred Sea Lion Begin to Span the Globe.” It’s published in the WSNA Breeding News blog. Click the title to read the article.

In April 2019 Warmblood Stallions of North America followed up with an update on the offspring of Sea Lion. Sixteen foals are expected in 2019, and three had been born at the time of writing. Two older offspring have begun their careers with some success. Click to read “Sea Lion: Offspring Report 2019.”

Check out the 2020 article, “Meet Sea King, 2020 Colt by Sea Lion,” introducing the German-bred Sea Lion colt.


“Savannah Lion” filly out of KWPN mare

Savannah Lion



Trakehner/mustang/paint filly


“Sea Me Fly”




Hanoverian filly


Trakehner colt

Sea Astaria Trakehner, filly


Chatsworth’s Sea Hawk, Colt out of Irish Dam

Chatsworth Sea Hawk Winner of FEH-1 Qualifier with a 9 out 10 score for conformation!

  • yearling: Chatsworth Sea Hawk


       Filly, “Sealebrity” out of Irish Sport Dam  


yearling, Irish filly, Sealebrit;y



  • Filly, out of Trakehner dam “Sticks”
  • Trakehner yearling filly “Sticks”

  • Sea Diamond, colt out of Irish Draught dam
  • filly out of Trakehner Mare




Sea King, colt,2020  Holsteiner, dam

Filly, out of AQHA dam

filly and Dam is AQHA

Seakyr 2 years old FEH-2 Qualifying champion


Thoroughbred Twins. Colt and a Filly


TGS Lions Sunshine filly, registered in the Sport Horse Ireland Studbook. Owner says, “She’s a keeper!”


FEH-3 winner TGS Lion’s Sunshine

TGS Lion’s Sunshine aka Rooney

 FEH-2 Reserve champion



Felix Feliseas, colt out of Selle Luxembourgeois mare

Felix Feliseas Felix2

Athelstan, colt out of TB/Precheron mare

20190626_093754 20190624_083239

Siren’s Seranade, out of APA, Paint Mare

2019 fillyRen

   Calypso, Filly out of AQHA mare

filly, Calypso Calypso, 2019 filly

   unamed colt and 2 fillies out of Irish Mare Embryo transfers

cresswood farm coltfilly 3 cresswood

 Northern Quest Blue Sea Wins her horse trials


Embryo transfer triplets




KWPN colt, Orion’s Legasea

2019, KWPN colt, Orion's Legasea

2019, KWPN colt, Orion’s Legasea

Tootoo, filly, out of Irish mare.
Tootoo, 2019 filly by Sea Lion   

The Queen’s Armada, out of Irish mare.

Rooney 2019 filly by Sea Lion  Rooney
 AC Adelion, filly, out of Trakehner

IMG_5873   adeliion fillie
                                                Adelion at 3 years old










SRF Fair Sea, aka Sailor, colt, out of Holsteiner mare.
SRF Fair Sea 4 months oldSRF Fair Sea at 4 months old

Seabee MWF, aka Nick.out of Hanoverian, mare
Sea Bee MWF aka Nick

CrownPointe Sea Sovereign, colt, out of Cleveland Bay mare.
CrownPointe Sea Sovereign 4mos.old

Cushavon Gerry, Irish gelding in Australia


Sea Wolf, colt,



Stowaway, filly, out of Hanoverian mare.
Stowaway born May 10, 2017Stow Away 5 years old


Tembi, filly, Thoroughbred mare

Tembi Thoroughbred mare in Canada

2017 Tembi Cd TB filly


 Sea Sea Babcock, filly in Australia.
Sea Sea Babcock


Sea Otter, colt out of Paint/thoroughbred

IMG_4096 Sea Otter


Sea Lioness, filly, out of Oldenburg mare. In 2020 Sea Lioness Won the Future Event Horse 4-year-old West Coast National Championship and The Jumper Derby at Galways National Show!

qualifies for FEH-3 Nationals

IMG_0198h           IMG_3149

Sea Lioness wins the jumper derby



ConspiraSea Theory, filly, out of Belgian mare.


    Northern Quest Lioness, filly, out of Irish mare.

Northern Quest Lioness, by Sea Lion



Northern Quest Lioness





   Northern Quest Lion Heart, colt, out of Irish mare.


Northern Quest Lionheart, by thoroughbred stallion Sea Lion


 Northern Quest Lion Heart




Schokolade Sea, filly, out of Hanoverian mare.
Schokolade Seaschokolade-filly


Sunsprite Sargasso Sea, colt, out of Hanoverian Mare  Photo at 3 years and as a foal

DSC_0316 - croppedSunsprite Sargossa SeaSunsprite Sargasso Sea 2015 colt by Sea Lion

Ariel, filly, out of Oldenburg mare. In 2016 won Future Event horse for yearlings (FEH-1) and qualified to go to the National Championships.

Ariel, 2015 filly by Sea Lion

Ariel, Canadian warmblood dam at 5 years old


   Sea Salt, colt, Appendix


   Northern Quest Blue Sea, filly, Irish mare


2014 filly Northern Quest Blue Sea by Sea Lionnorthern quest blue sea 2017Northern quest blue sea 2015


  Sea Lion’s first foal, Seacret Agent, colt, as a 2-year-old and foal. He won Future Event Horse 2, with a qualifying score to go the to national finals.

Sea Lion's first offspring Seacret Agent at 2 years old.image0082Seacret AgentSea Lion foal 2013, Seacret Agent