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What are people saying about Sea Lion?


  One year ago today, this little beauty was born. By Sea Lion and out of Cee Dee Frosty’s Faro, Bailey currently stands 15.1hh and is confident, independent and extremely chill. We love her so much!!

Angie Winkler, 2021


   This filly is on a whole other level of wow… I am SO glad that I finally got a Sea       Lion baby on the ground. This will certainly not be the last one. She is gorgeous, smart, athletic and

Kristin Patton, 2020


“Hey Pam,

   We do have a baby, she is perfect, we have decided to call her Calypso! She is absolutely perfect, I have never met a foal so personable and independent, I cannot thank you and your team enough for your support through this process, it was seamless”

  Hillary Fehr

  Plainview, Texas

    Hi Pam!
   Wanted to let you know I am breeding Allegretta back to Sea Lion.  AC Adelion  is pretty perfect so thought I’d be crazy not to try for another!

      McHenry, Illinois

“Sea Lion’s gorgeous colt out of my mare Vanity Fair (Holsteiner by Hunter) arrived on Monday. His name is a natural … SRF Fair Sea, Sailor for short. He is truly stunning and I’m thrilled. Will breed her right back to your wonderful stallion on her first heat in about 20 days.

“Thank you!!”

Annie Eldridge
Setters’ Run Farm
Vass, NC

“Congrats to Sea Lion, another outstanding offspring.  I’m over the moon with joy!”

“Almost 4 months old and such a lovely filly.  I am so pleased with her looks, good manners and independent nature.”

Ann Shira O’donnell
Dallas, Texas

“Hi Pam, just in case you wanted to know we have Blue, 3 years old now, bred by Marisa Frazier at Northern Quest Farm. Sea Lion the sire of our sweet, easy going, brave girl! My 16-year-old daughter, Mia, backed her a couple of months ago, very easy! Much like all the other Northern Quest youngsters my son, Jorgen, has started for Marisa the past 5 years. Blue for now is just doing some very light riding, mostly hitting the trails in New Jersey, exploring her world! Maybe they will do a FEH competition later this summer at Marilyn Payne’s farm, Applewood? [Note from Pam Fisher: She did compete in the FEH class and won.] Hope to start her eventing career slowly next year! Cheers”

Nick Olijslager, NJ, owner
Bred by Marisa Frazier
Northern Quest Farm

“Hi Pam, Here are a few more photos of “Tembi”. She has the best personality! Very outgoing, brave and friendly. She has a ‘brother’ who was born just 2 days before her… they are best buds and play and get into trouble together all day long!”

Leah Knox, DVM
Fraserville, Ontario

“Hi Pam, [Northern Quest Lioness and Northern Quest Lionheart] are super sweet and doing great. The little princess is full of herself and smarter then a whip. Spelling trouble, worse then Blue! She is sweet and cuddly and loves attention, petting and scratching and hugging on top of her list. The little boy is still mama’s boy (and she is making sure of that!) but getting a little more curious and independent. Still slightly shy and not as self-assured as she is but getting there. Has not been in trouble yet and I sure hope he will stay that way! Mom is a ‘tank’,and if he would go where he should not, she would most certainly barrel right through anything. So keeping my fingers crossed! Couldn’t be happier with the two!”

Marisa Benteli Frazier
Northern Quest Farm

“Will send pictures of SS. He looks like a running QH! Good legs, great shoulder and QH hip, seems to be a confident with a curious brain.”

” Jumping is like breathing for him. It’s cool except sometimes I think I’m going to need to be scraped off the rafters in the indoor.Thank goodness he is sweet, never dirty, and very sane!”

Leslie Harrison, DVM
Northrop, Co.

4mo, I love this filly more everyday! I also get complements on how nice of a filly she is. Thank you!
Amy Frank

Good morning Pam,
Again, I am so thankful to own this gorgeous filly.  Rooney, aka TGS Lion’s Sunshine, has so much personality, presence, poise…she’s a tribute to Sea Lion and Windfield All Sunshine, RID.
Thank you,  Ann Shira O’Donnell

          “We handle all the collections, processing, freezing, and shipping for Pam Fisher’s stallion “Sea Lion.”  
The semen at collection looks amazing.  I would say easily 90/85%.  I do not know what the semen looks like at 24hrs or 48hrs as we are the ones who send it out and Sea Lion has been a client longer at the clinic than I have been employed   here, but I can say with assurance that I have never received any complaints regarding the quality of his semen.  He is an extremely fertile stallion.  Again, I do not know his exact conception rate, but I have never known him to not get a mare in   foal during the breeding season. It may have taken more than one cycle, but again, I can vouch for the fact that his semen is 
of high quality.”  
Christina Quintelli
Alamo Pintado Equine
Los Olivos, CA

“Hi Pam! At Kyrie’s two week check on May 31 she was pregnant so hopefully everything is coming along well! Dr. Jones said the quality of the semen was excellent. I’m very excited! “
Claudia Romeo
Nassau, NY

“Bred your mare today.  She did everything right and the semen was              impressively good.”  This was frozen semen.  

     Dr von Rosenberg
     Ocala, Fla.

Thank you so much Pam you do an awesome job. This was a three-year project of mine and I couldn’t have done it without you and your wonderful stallion
Brenda Collins, Az.

Sealebrity IDSH, barn name Heidi, 30 days old, IDHSNA registration pending. Out of DKH Estrelita IDSH (by Jaunty Star RID) by Sea Lion JCTB. What an athletic, smart, sweet and stunnning filly
Amy Clemmons, DVM